Or… Can we launch healing alternatives while we STILL HAVE the FREEDOMS and ACCESS TO RESOURCES necessary to start viable alternatives?  Can we begin to turn CRISES into RENEWAL, before any of these crises tip into a cascade of crippling catastrophes or we finally just finish sliding down that slippery slope towards slave planet?

We’re not “trying to save the world”. Just hoping to get the ball rolling in a BETTER DIRECTION before it’s too late, start some VIRAL HEALING TRENDS.  We also want to point out that what look like the worst trouble spots now, may prove to be the most open to change and actually lead the transformation… bad as things seem, THINGS CAN CHANGE FAST (for better or worse, stay on it!).

There is A LOT that ALL of US CAN DO in the HERE/NOW towards “COMMUNITY BUILDING” & “COOPERATIVE SUSTAINABILITY”. Each of us has at least 3 REALMS OF POWER we can engage whenever we choose: as RESPONSIBLE PRODUCERS (whatever our active roles or jobs are), as CONSCIOUS CONSUMERS, and in our MEANINGFUL SOCIAL CIRCLES (the power we’re using now, so greatly techno-enhanced). We believe these 3 realms should IDEALLY BE MORE UNIFIED (we’ll explain later) and that there is GREAT STRATEGIC SYNERGY in bringing them closer together.

This is a big topic… there are lots of forces, from many angles, trending or pushing towards positive resolutions, as bad as it may seem otherwise.  We will be focusing the next few posts on clarifying exactly how we think it could all work out.  Feel free to chime in with some positive influences you see, perhaps we all might do a better job of channeling them effectively…

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