GREETINGS FRIENDS, & friends of friends, thanks for checking in…
This site is by INVITATION ONLY, but we strongly encourage you to KEEP INVITING people you trust.

What we’re hoping for here is a bit of decent COMMUNICATION, to be close to “on the same page” for BRAINSTORMING & CRITICAL DISCUSSION.  What we’re proposing is, in some ways, not typical activism, and we want to make sure we’re being crystal clear.  There is also so much that needs to be explored beyond what any of us know individually.  We need to share and expand our thoughts and collective wisdom.  Expect new posts on a steady basis.

PLEASE ASK QUESTION, EXPRESS DOUBTS, POSE COUNTERPOINTS. If it seems to make sense and you sort of like what you hear, let us know that too… maybe help us make the case and even spread the word a little.

The other big thing we need here/now is LINKS TO THE SIMILAR: people, sites, projects, organizations… any companies or businesses that you think might at least be OPEN TO A MORE HEALING PARADIGM.

Eventually, we’ll compile a directory of the most USEFUL LINKS.

That’s ALL the here FOR NOW! (or is it all the now for here?)…    laters