To Find Common Ground – Seek Higher Ground

The purpose of this site is to get it done… quickly, because we have to.  We’re going to present a vision/strategy/perspective about how to consciously FAST-EVOLVE our culture, economics & politics to a place BEYOND CONFLICT AND SCARCITY; ecologically SUSTAINABLE; culturally and economically NURTURING; politically responsible, accountable and EMPOWERING.  In brief, “UTOPIAN”.

We get “STRATEGIC” by moving to GET IT DONE without delay…

more discussion and brainstorming at first… ongoing targeted networking.  We want to get involved with, or start, relevant projects, companies, maybe even political parties… to ACTUALIZE FUNCTIONING PORTIONS of the humanly-scaled, self-governing, self-employed, self-sustained and eco-sustainable network of coops & communities that we believe can seed the NEW EDEN EARTH.


Already bad for many, the future looks much worse for most.  If we don’t want to be part of a real-life Zombie Apocalypse or collapse into some other frightening and dreary techno-dystopia, we ALL need to start Conscious Changes TODAY! (whenever today really dawns on you, no pressure).  We’re trying to BUILD WINGS before we go over the cliff and nobody is sure how CLOSE TO THE EDGE we really are (but WE CAN DO THIS… if we lighten up fast enough, we may even catch some extra glide time).


THE “STRATEGIC UTOPIAN” VISION (brief as possible):


The closest we get to visualizing “UTOPIAN” is as the evolving network of coops and communities described in the NEW EDEN EARTH paragraph above (politically decentralized, ecologically sustainable and economically as LOCALLY SELF-SUSTAINABLE as possible).


“STRATEGICALLY”, the main way to get it done is to BUILD IT in the free market arena, essentially as a NETWORK of entrepreneurial COOP ventures (not politics, not activism as we know it, not entrepreneurialism quite as we know it either… no “Us v. Them”… no stress, coercion, threat or resistance)… strictly WIN-WIN networking towards sustainable resources and nurturing extended communities (eventually globally).

A CRUCIAL part of the strategy is that we think there is a HUGE ARENA of NEW JOBS, businesses and coop ventures, that only make sense when the purpose of the project or business is to show MEANINGFUL POSITIVE VALUE for your coop/community, not necessarily profit.  We suggest that THE PROFIT MOTIVE has, in many cases, outlived its usefulness and is now part of what is KEEPING US FROM TRUE PLANETARY PROSPERITY.  Besides, it’s NOT really THE BEST INCENTIVE anymore… there are MORE CRUCIALLY RELEVANT GOALS and MORE WHOLESOME CRITERIA which actually WORK BETTER to ENHANCE REAL VALUE and SUSTAINABILITY for all..


We need to (and can) all get involved… NO MATTER WHO YOU ARE or what you’re doing, there are personally productive things to do that also benefit the whole and flow with this agenda.  SEEKING ONLY ALLIES, deferring potential adversaries until they can be evolved into potential allies (more about that later)… THIS CAN GET VIRALLY CONTAGIOUS IN A STEADY HEALING WAY and resolve organically as a DEMOCRATICALLY PARTICIPATORY BOTTOM-UP MOVEMENT with nowhere for hierarchical authoritarianism to find a foothold.

Another KEY to getting us ALL INVOLVED is finding ways to EASE INTO ALTERNATIVES INCREMENTALLY… ease out of obsolete current modes WISELY and GENTLY (MOST CRUCIALLY we believe THERE ARE WAYS FOR ANY CURRENT BUSINESS OR CORPORATION TO DO THE SAME, if they decide they want to)… NO RADICAL LEAP.  NO FEAR.  NO SHAME.  NO BLAME.  Just steady constructive participation, ongoing friendly networking and FESTIVALS!

Please GET INVOLVED, read further, join the discussion or just check-in.

The first reaction we expect is plenty of skepticism (not counting blank stares).  PLEASE don’t be too shy or dismissive and actually BRING IT.  If you think we’re on the wrong track and you might have better ideas… to quote John Lennon, “We’d all love to see the plan”!

THANKS FRIENDS                      BE WELL                            IMAGINE !